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Therapy is verily an educative process. One learns in a practical manner how the body and mind are but tools that help the soul in its own journey or evolution.  Thus, what is normally considered an illness or a problem is but a message the body or mind is trying to convey to you. Once you ‘get’ the message the need for the ailment is removed and thereby healing ensues.

Therapy is available for:


Physical ailments (practically anything from common cold to chronic illnesses)


Stress (alleviation from any form of stress including Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Examinations etc)


Habits (making or breaking habit patterns; creating a new ‘life’ pattern aligned with our potential)


Relationships (Finding harmony in life)


Manifestations (Creating our life)


Life coaching


Meditations (Forgiveness, Healing meditations) 


Therapy sessions are one-on-one (1:1) and through prior appointment only.


The  vast and most potent subconscious mind loses nothing of what the senses bring to it; it keeps all its wealth in an inexhaustible store of memory.

All of us have been hurt, felt like we were not loved and in fact, some of us carry deep emotional wounds that are a result of trauma and abuse in the past. 

We extensively use the crystal pendulum to check the chakras. You can read more about chakras and how they affect our body here.

We believe that what the person 'views' in his regression could be considered as an actual 'past life' or as a 'metaphoric imagery' deep within his subconscious mind.

The Tarot deck is a picture book of life, depicting the deeper meanings of various facets of life. It is one of the spiritual healing tools that can be used to create positive experiences.

As mentors we work with the individual through their time of stress as well as help in enhancing the good periods to cash in on the good times.

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