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Destress / Energize / Relaxation/ Crystal Therapy 


We all know that a crystal is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an ordered pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions (Wikipedia definition of a crystal). It is no mystery as to how the seemingly inert crystal acquires healing properties. 

Balancing the Chakras

Energy cleansing of home/office

Crystal kits for health, manifestation, relationships, peace etc 

Learn to use the power of a crystal 

Our physical body is just energy in various patterns and densities. When the energy fields work in a balanced fashion we experience good health. This balance is affected with negative thoughts and feelings causing disharmony eventually manifesting itself as a physical illness. Each crystal resonates with different frequencies. They match up with the frequencies that exist in our physical organs and systems. Using a Scalpolite on the eye is aligning the structural patterns active in our subtle bodies to align themselves and operate effortlessly and with purity. By virtue of its vibrational nature a crystal aids you in changing your vibration. If you allow the resulting good vibrations to flow into your etheric body... it will improve any part of you that needs assistance. Example: Amethyst Crystals have a strong vibration that will calm the emotions. At Sunshine, we provide specialized crystal kits that work for the specific issues you are experiencing.

We extensively use the crystal pendulum to check the chakras. You can read more about chakras and how they affect our body here. One of the preliminary steps in the healing process is to locate where the chakra imbalance lies and to be able to treat it. The crystal gives feedback about the location of each chakra and its movement aiding us to address the issue with specific chakras.  The pendulum’s rotation reflects your energy field. We are experienced   to pick up on all of the different chakra nuances and be able to read whether you are going through joy, peace, clarity, heaviness, pain or sadness.

We also undertake cleansing and energizing of your living space, so that your energies are balanced with that of your living space. In addition, we can suggest if a specific house or an office space helps you in your progress.

Crystal Healing Kits are available for sale; to know more and to order please mail 
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