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Client Experiences: Real Cases

Resolving a dilemma

The client was in a crucial juncture in life, looking to making an important business decision and needed to make a choice between two opportunities. The investment was of time and effort and each choice would take the client in completely different directions. The therapeutic help sought was to be able to arrive at a decision quickly and calmly.


Among the modalities used, client went through a ‘Future Progression’, a metaphoric progression or vision of consequences of either choice and was able to arrive at a more informed decision. Life has unfolded well and over time the decision has indeed borne fruit for the client.

Physical ailment (Epilepsy)

The client had suffered since childhood from epileptic seizures. He was heavily dependent on medication and withdrawal from medication would invariably lead to a seizure within days. The client who is also a performing artist found with time that the condition started affecting his state of calmness essential for an artist.


Among other modalities used aura cleansing and foreign energy dynamics resolved the issue completely. Client has stopped medication and has had no seizures for over a year and a half.

Redikall Healing (A non-hypnotic procedure using crystal reading)

The client’s issue was a strong apprehension of being sick. Apart from some indications like tiredness or lack of energy, client had no specific known medical issue.


Using a crystal pendulum to read chakras we found the root cause of the health issue was stemming from a feeling of guilt. We arrived at a solution that the client was actually aware of, but had not implemented.  Along with implementing the solution to get out of the guilt, we also suggested an affirmation that the client could repeat in order to open up all his chakras and return to good health.

Learning a skill

The client came for therapy out of curiosity in experiencing the state of hypnosis. The issue was his life was very fast paced and he wanted to relax but was not able to remain calm.

Under Hypnosis, his sub-conscious mind took him to a past life where he was a monk and the session resulted in him getting in touch with a deep seated memory of being relaxed in a state of meditation. Now, the recall of that lifetime transports him immediately to a state of calmness and peaceful meditation. Thus, he was able to view and bring forth a skill from a previous life into assisting him in his current life.

Career Issue

Client was unhappy about certain aspects of his work life including job profile, location and so on. He felt stuck in his current situation at office and found no plausible way to come out of the position.


A manifestation exercise to subconsciously program and practice the ‘power of attraction’ and to wield the innate ability in us to get what we want led to the client receiving all the changes he desired within a month with ease.

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