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Breaking Through Barriers/Self Esteem/Confidence/Belief Systems/Anger/Depression


All of us have been hurt, felt like we were not loved and in fact, some of us carry deep emotional wounds that are a result of trauma and abuse in the past. Based on that experience, we now approach situations in the same fashion as though there is a real threat even when there is not. We have beliefs which were formed at the time of the traumatic incident. We continue to hold on to that belief which has now become detrimental to our progress and happiness. Inner child refers to that part of the individual who has been unable to make peace with or move away from hurt, anger, guilt, fear or any such feeling. Here 'Child' is a technical term to refer to a part of the individual and not necessarily from a person's childhood. For instance, your mother shouting at you ten minutes ago could cause for an inner child to be formed within, especially if you felt wrongly accused or berated.



Multiple personalities

Neutralizing emotional charge

The most vital part of the healing process is the healing of the inner children. At each stage of growing up, anytime we have had a strong emotional reaction to someone or to something we have a wounded inner child at that age.  When something upsets us severely, an old wound is scraped. It is the inner child that feels fear, anger or depressed not the adult. It is important to get in touch with these fragments and build a relationship based on unconditional love.


Therapy involves: 

(1) respecting the feelings of the child, not going into details of what exactly happened but expressing the intense emotional feeling attached to the event completely. Also, completely accepting and taking care of the wounded child in just the same way you would take care of a little baby or child.

(2) Integrating the inner child as a wholesome part.



This powerful technique can be done cognitively as well as through hypnosis to be more effective. Thus, when we can own all of the fractured parts we can bring about an integrated and balanced union of all the parts of our internal self.

I had a two day session with Sunshine. Day 1 was a Cognitive Talk and Day 2 was the Inner Child Healing.
Day 1- The Cognitive Talk helped me as such to understand things, situations, and surroundings in a very different perspective. It was very insightful as far as my thinking complexities were concerned and the esteem issues I had. This worked miraculously on my negative cognition's as well as my attitude towards life and people in general.
Day 2- The Inner Child Healing therapy, a much required session for my survival. Due to my childhood experiences, I used to be in a state of perpetual restlessness, hatred towards a particular group of people and profession, a feeling of anxiety and fear would haunt me till today, which had a negative deep impact on my mind, my life and hence affected my personality. However this session, not just changed me, or my perspective, but my life very drastically, I am a completely new person now, more accepting of myself and people. The session had such marvelous effects that I feel very strong, more calm, with clear mind. In short, I feel normal and Blessed for there was also a Divine intervention that was evidently involved throughout the session.
THANK YOU isn't a word enough for what Sunshine has done to me; I shall be ever Grateful for these sessions that changed my life and my living.





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