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Past / Ongoing Events


4 sessions in each month with two meditation techniques covered in each session (8 Meditation techniques)


When: Saturdays or on Sundays at 6PM. 


General meditations covered in this series:


Yin-Yang balancing meditation: Balancing the masculine & feminine aspects within us could help us in enjoying more harmonious relationships with ourselves and with others


Body detoxification / healing meditation: Techniques to heal our own physical body of its aches, pains etc. While simple aches may completely heal chronic ones MAY require further attention. The meditation will certainly reduce the stress at the physical level for sure.


Cellular memories release meditation: to help release cellular memories from current or past lives. 


Chakra cleansing & energizing meditations: using affirmations or colors to open, cleanse, energize and shield our major chakras.White Light meditation: One of the most simplest and yet effective meditations; practically a 'template' for achieving various ends.


Negativity dissipation: Dissipating negativity at physical and energy levels that we may be carrying into the Divine Higher Self's White light where it gets transmuted.


Connecting to the Divine Masters: (will require 4 or more participants) Invoking the Presence and interaction with Divine Masters like Jesus, Sai and others


Breathing techniques: Various breathing techniques to meditate, calm down and so onWomen-centric healing: Specific to healing myriad issues that the women of today are facing. Will be conducted with appropriate group. 


Earth meditation: Techniques to connect with, heal and to be healed by Mother Earth


Higher Self meditation: Techniques to connect with and heal ourselves and energize ourselves from the source (Higher Self)


There are those great days.....when you are so happy

There are those days you felt why you even existed!

Many days you question yourself.....

Can I be happy ALWAYS?!!


You surely can be HAPPY ALWAYS:)

All you need, is to RECHARGE

Your Mind, Body and Soul REGULARLY!!


When: Saturdays at 5PM. 


Satsang Sessions

The very association with like minded people and more so with positive minded people could have an alleviating effect on an individual. The satsang sessions are aimed at providing a platform for the exchange of positive ideas and enthusiastic group learning as well as engaging soulful devotional music that can nourish the soul with much needed spiritual energy.


The discussion sessions also provide scope for the participants to share their journey and how they have overcome hurdles or the ones that they need help overcoming. Changing habits and patterns is easier said than done and these cognitive sessions go a long way in hand holding the individual through the transition phase.


When: Weekends and special planned congregations.


To know more about these and other regular one off sessions by way of notifications please register your email at 

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