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After one is done resolving issues at the meta-physical level and having achieved a sense of calm and peace, it’s time to get to the physical world and get things done. It is one thing to have a session done to resolve issues, it is another to get back to the real world and face reality. It also takes a while for one to pick up pieces and move on. It is a challenge to figure out how to go about achieving what one is capable of achieving. As mentors we work with the individual through their time of stress as well as help in enhancing the good periods to cash in on the good times. Private Mentorship programs are for a minimum of 3 months.

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


Mentoring programs include:

   Access to our resources that include methodology, checklists and templates.

   Help in identifying your true potential by clearing out old delimiting beliefs.

   Setting up clear goals and targets. 

   Create strategies to widen your horizon. In short, create plans to achieve BIG.

   Regular weekly calls to monitor progress as well to formulate plans for the following week.

   A friendly nudge and push to get you going.

   Unscheduled calls accepted when you feel low and need a helping hand.



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