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Sunshine is a professionally managed Wellness Studio that uses various modalities of clinical hypnotherapy, energy work, access bars, tarot and crystals for the purpose of healing. Founded and managed by Sri Ram, the success of the concept and this organization can be attributed besides Divine sanction, to what could be termed as the "inner calling" to understand, connect to people and to help heal. Over the years, clients have healed out of physical ailments, found answers in their quest, manifested goals, career changes, riches and so on.  



Therapists at Sunshine use counselling, intuitive channeling, crystal, chakra, age regression, past life regression, subconscious mind talk, life between lives, inner child healing, radical healing, foreign energy dynamics and other advanced hypnotic modalities. They are trained by EKAA (formerly known as California Hypnosis Institute) as Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapists. The therapists have a Masters degree in Psychology and hence are qualified counsellors. They are kept abreast of the latest modalities in the meta- physical space. Thus, every day is a constant learning. 



Therapists are also motivational speakers and they conduct workshops that inspire to tap the power within. Their experience in the corporate world has brought in aspects of professionalism and quantification to the process of therapy. They maintain a good balance of the practical and the metaphysical and believes that the kite can soar higher only when firmly held/grounded in the hands of the flyer!  



Progress of each client of Sunshine is tracked and sessions ensuring that progress is quantified enhancing the "feel good factor" of a relaxing therapeutic session. Therapy sessions are structured with an end goal in mind and an appropriate ecosystem is created whereby the client discovers the source of the issue, finds a solution and gets all the encouragement and help to implement the solution. Sunshine Wellness Studio is firmly rooted in integrity, work ethics and the privacy and confidentiality of the client is maintained.



"Sunshine" as an organisation in this society adds value to the society by their sincere services.  I sincerely appreciate the Healing process and the interpretation given to the end users or the recepients to know the purpose and the power of the healing they take up.  Professionally and spiritually tuned and guided organisation.  My best wishes and sincere heartfelt thanks being a beneficiary through their services.


~ Suresh




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