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One of the world’s greatest mysteries has been to find out if we reincarnate and whether we have past lives. We believe that what the person 'views' in his regression could be considered as an actual 'past life' or as a 'metaphoric imagery' deep within his subconscious mind. However it must be noted the metaphor is strong enough to have a bearing on the person's day to day life. Now, if one were to regress to a past life that was lived say 10 years ago it may be possible to 'google' out the facts of that lifetime. But typically regressions take a person to lifetimes that are centuries old! While the lifetime viewed may not be 'provable' by science, it has been found with astounding results that the understanding of the metaphors have often relieved a person of his / her suffering or given an insight that allows the person to overcome a very tangible real life problem. Our interest is to utilize the therapeutic benefits of past life regression.  It is not uncommon to find issues with seemingly no causes, at least not from the present lifetime or something that you cannot recollect. In a past life regression, one travels mentally across time and space and heals the cellular memories of the root cause stemming from another lifetime.


Do read the testimonials and our own client experiences enumerated where a few such cases have been described. We are not here to prove or disprove the existence of a past life. Rather we are here to garner the insights from such a regression and alleviate a person's issues. 


It is a fad for people to undergo a past life regression and believe that it is the only solution to their problems. Past life helps in uncovering issues that arise out of unresolved issues in another life time. For most other issues with roots in this life time we have other methods used to resolve those issues. Nevertheless PLR is one of the powerful tools in a therapist’s repertoire and we at Sunshine extensively make use of it as the situation demands. 

 Allergies / Recurrent Headaches / Suicidal thoughts / Addictions/ Releasing patterns/ Understand life purpose / Dealing with death of loved one / Weight issues / Resistance to money flow



I was suffering from vertigo and intense hand pain for a protracted period of time. There was no known medical cause and any amount of scans and checkups and medications brought neither definitive answers nor lasting solution to the problem. I would suffer from sudden bouts of dizziness and could hardly use my right hand in doing even regular activities like lifting objects and so on.


A Past Life Regression and some energy work resulted in the me understanding the root cause of the issue and getting relief once and for all. The hand pain stopped at the very instant it was addressed during the therapy session and I have not suffered from the hand pain and sudden dizziness attacks since.


~ Ankita



Fears / Phobias

Physical ailments of unknown origin

Addressing past karma and clearing past life trauma

Understanding and resolving past life vows or oaths

Situation / person triggers

"Downloading” creative skills/abilities from a past life

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