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How does spiritual / alternative healing work?

 Alternative healing especially spiritual healing works on the concept that the soul is undergoing a situation or suffering due to a particular reason. Therefore in the healing guidance session, one does not try to address and issue directly but instead work to get to the root cause of the issue's occurence in the person's life. With this understanding, the client usually gets an insight as to how and what needs to be done to heal oneself of the issue. 


How do you decide what modality to use?

The modality used would largely depend on the nature of the person and the problem to be healed. More importantly, at Sunshine, we believe that we facilitate the healing of the person by their own innate Divinity. Hence, choice of modality is also made through meditation and Divine Guidance. Typically, the first session is cognitive after which the therapist shares a plan on modalities and sessions required based on experience. The modalities and way forward is confirmed through (a series) of meditations in which Divine Guidance is sought by the therapist.


What are the modalities you use?

At Sunshine, we use modalities of clinical integrated hypnotherapy that include cognitive as well as hypnosis induced sessions as well as alternative healing methods such as crystal healing, Tarot cards and concepts of Access bars and Theta healing. We also work with meditations and creative visualization techniques. 


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind akin to the state of relaxation or calmness during meditation. Hypnosis is achieved for therapy using methods of relaxation like progressive relaxation or yoga nidra etc. One could think of hypnosis as a state similar to the semi sleep state just before going in to deep (biological) sleep. Unlike a biological sleep state where the conscious mind is not awake, the state of hypnosis induced with the help of a therapist ensures the conscious mind is fully awake. In fact it is at a state of heightened alertness. However, in this state the subconscious mind is amenable for suggestions which are 6000 times more powerful than the conscious cognitive talk. This state of suggestibility of the client’s subconscious and the alertness of the conscious mind is now put to therapeutic use in finding resolutions.


Why use Hypnosis?


The human body is completely capable of regeneration and self-healing and so is the mind.  Often, it is the stress caused by an issue that really hinders the healing or alleviation from taking its course. Under hypnosis, the client is able to relax and address even these highly stressful issues with a calm mind and a facilitating therapist. As mentioned above in a state of hypnosis a client is suggestible, in other words, receptive to suggestions and thus the therapists is able to assist the client in finding the answers to his or her questions from the deep recesses of the client’s own mind.



What is Hypnotherapy?


When therapy or issue resolution is conducted in tandem with a state of hypnosis it is called hypnotherapy. As integrated Hypnotherapists, Sunshine Wellness therapists use cognitive as well as hypnotic modalities in issue resolution.


Is Hypnotherapy safe?


Absolutely! Hypnotherapy is a recognized means of alternative healing. It is a scientific approach with well-defined procedures. Our therapists are well trained professionals.  Also, it is a misconception that one can get ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic state.
         As we go to sleep each time, we naturally go through phases called Hypnoidal charaterised by REM (Rapid Eye Movement), followed by Cataleptic (medium sleep state), then into 3 stages of Somnambulism (deeper Hypnotic trance states) and finally into biological sleep. Hypnosis is taking the mind to the ‘Somnambulistic’ state. It is a state similar to what we undergo so often as we go to sleep. We always wake up from a "sleep" and hence we always wake from a hypnosis state which is nothing but "sleep". So there is ‘nowhere’ to be ‘stuck’! Also, since this state of relaxation is achieved with a facilitating therapist it can simply be considered as ‘moderated meditation’.


What is Age Regression / Past Life Regression and its use in therapy?

A surprising number of our current day issues stem from unhealed memories or belief systems created out of past occurrences and experiences in life (current as well as past lives). Age and Past Life Regression therapy modalities work with the concept of finding the point of origin of current issues and addressing the root cause thereby healing or resolving the current issue in totality.


I don't believe in 'Past Life'. How will Past Life Regression help me?

You don’t have to! The concept of ‘Past Life’ is explained or debated by many schools of thought. For therapeutic purposes, one could consider the PLR as metaphoric imagery strung together by the client’s subconscious mind. We conduct PLR only for therapeutic purposes and the emphasis is only the issue resolution and not the validation of Past Life as an existential concept.

How does Hypnosis help in resolving issues in the physical world?

 As explained above, the focus always is the end goal as defined by the client. This could be resolution of an issue or enhancement of potential or even modifying or creating new habits. Hypnosis is one of the many methods used in achieving the end.



How does Hypnotherapy work when medicines have failed to cure?

 As human beings we exist at many gross and subtle levels. Four major levels are the Thought (Mind), Emotional, Energy (Chakras) and the Physical Body. They are all interconnected and work in tandem. When we take a tablet we are essentially trying to resolve an issue at the physical body level. Since the medicine is only addressing the physical body ‘symptom’ or effect of a ‘root cause’ in the mind, either the medicine seems to have no effect or the issue returns repeatedly. At Sunshine we follow an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy approach wherein we deal with every issue at ALL four levels of our existence and therefore we address the root cause of the issue rather just the symptom. Thus the healing is expedited and also complete.


Do we stop medications while on Hypnotherapy? 

 For the most part, Hypnotherapy is independent of any other medicines being administered with the exception of certain sedatives prescribed especially as anti-depressants. In these special cases, the hypnotherapist works in conjunction with the client’s doctor in reduction and stoppage of dosage for specific period of time when the hypnotherapy is in effect.


How does long distance therapy work?

 Cognitive sessions can be done over the phone. However, we would require webcams and Skype for other sessions.  


Can I know how many sessions are required prior to start of therapy?

One could get a rough estimate or an indicative number of sessions that may be required at the end of the first cognitive session. There may be possibilities that the issue resolutions are found in the first cognitive counselling itself. In most cases, the therapist would be able to give an indicative number of sessions based on past experience and intuition. It is to be noted that the number is indicative only.


I don't want to / cannot be hypnotized. Are there any other ways of solving my issues?

Absolutely! Hypnosis based sessions are one among the many tools and modalities we use. We also use other cognitive healing methods. as described in FAQ 12.


What are your code of ethics?

At Sunshine, we have a very strict code of ethics in the way we interact and work with clients. All information shared with the therapist is confidential. All interactions are courteous and non-judgemental. The premise of healing is one of unconditional love. You would sense in in every session with us.


I don't have a problem but nothing seems to go right in my world. How can this be resolved?

Nothing truly is a problem.....every situation in life occurs for a specific reason. By understanding a situation completely it is possible to 'heal' out of it. One needs to understand that everything is reflection, reaction and resound and the Universe is simply giving back to us what we put forth vibrationally out to it. Also, what one may think of as a physical ailment can be considered as a message from the body to the soul which when understood and addressed will lead to perfect health.


I know someone who needs help. Can I bring them along (especially if they are seeming unwilling)?

Every individual (soul) is very deeply aware of where they are in their life and why. So while it may seem logical that someone else needs help, at a metaphysical / spiritual realm it need not be so. Typically, no healing would work if the client is unwilling. You may have heard Reiki practitioners speak of the person 'rejecting' the healing (unconsciously). However, we would recommend that a) the person be given the knowledge and freedom to make a visit to Sunshine and take up any healing work if they resonate with the concepts put forth and / or b) you could work on healing the situation from your perspective (as someone involved) and this would in turn heal the person in question for we are all interconnected at the soul level.

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