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How many times have you consciously tried to change a habit, but suddenly reverted to the old self-defeating ways without knowing how it happened? Do you have a fear of something and cannot put a finger on why you are so fearful? Do you have a medical condition that just does not get better with traditional medical therapy? The answer to these and many other questions lie within your sub-conscious mind. The subconscious mind which forms about 90% of the total mind controls the body’s automatic motor functions, habits, beliefs or value system, skills, emotions, cellular memory and long term memory. The conscious mind (forms about 10%) controls the logic, short term memory, will power, planning and decision making ability. As Sri Aurobindo rightly said “Modern psychology has extended our knowledge and has admitted us to a truth which the ancients already knew but expressed in other language. We know now or we rediscover the truth that the conscious operation of mind is only a surface action. There is a much vaster and more potent subconscious mind which loses nothing of what the senses bring to it; it keeps all its wealth in an inexhaustible store of memory. The surface mind may pay no attention, still the subconscious mind attends, receives, treasures up with an infallible accuracy…“. Clearly Mind is lot more powerful than most of us utilize it for.


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Meditation and Hypnosis are among the traditionally used methods for accessing the subconscious mind. Apart from using hypnosis or meditation for modifying behavior through powerful suggestions, we extensively use the ‘Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy’ taught by ‘The California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII)’. In this method, the therapist brings the client to a state of deep relaxation where the conscious mind is in complete control. The therapist is only a faciliator or a channel who assists the client to view and review his subconscious. The therapist then with the client’s consent deprograms and reprograms the subconscious mind. As Dr. Yuvaraj Kapadia the CEO of CHII says “I see hypnotherapy as a science where the therapist is reintroducing people to the power that they always had, to their own power. It is not the therapist who is doing anything; it is the patient’s power which is re-awakened by the therapist pointing the torch. The therapist blends mental awareness with developing spiritual insight“.





A lot of positive as well as negative information gets accumulated in the subconscious which is not known to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between right or wrong. However, some of the information stored here can cause physical/mental illness or Emotional Well being issues. This happens when rules do not match with the experience. Example: Cigarette smoking is injurious is the rule, however the experience stored in the sub conscious is ‘pleasure’ when smoking the cigarette. It would then be necessary to remove the negative (or the self-defeating) programs and install positive programs. Repetition is one of the best ways to program the subconscious mind. This can be done through positive affirmations and creating routines and habits.

I was very very skeptical about the Spiritual healing and Hypnotherapy, untill I underwent a session myself. This meeting itself was quite an "accidental" one wherein I went for a change in a family member's life and not for myself. There, I realised that the change should be within us and not with others. I listened with a very open mind and came to know a lot about meta-physical aspects which I did not know earlier. Furthermore, it was suggested that if I heal myself, my relative was bound to automatically heal on his own. 


I still remember vividly the 'connecting to the divine self or Higher Consciousness' session which was a very wonderful experience and I still practice it.


The meditation sessions and the recharge sessions in the studio were very good and helped me create a sadhana/spiritual discipline, which really helps me out in my day to day life.


~ Saraswathy




Thus, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy at Sunshine includes a medley of relevant techniques that promote quick healing. Our techniques range from obtaining resolutions using: Regressions to childhood or to past life, using Emotional Empowerment Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique and Chakra readings. Tarot readings, Theta Healing and Access Bars are also integrated to all our programs which give us surprising insights into the issues. We also go beyond the meta-physical realm in resolving issues by providing you with practical and other significant techniques to be implemented in day-to-day living and also provide regular mentorship support.


We have proven programs for those who are looking to significantly raise their life to greater heights in all aspects. Call us to fix up an appointment today!!


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