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We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light"   ~Mary Dunbar


Sunshine Wellness Studio joins you in the exploration of unraveling the mystery YOU, helps create the new YOU and ignites the passion to achieve what YOU desire through a combination of Hypnotherapy and Psycho-analytic techniques. We conduct individual therapy sessions as well as workshops. We are based in Bangalore, India. However, we also do long-distance therapy for certain specific issues where possible.

Take charge of




If you are a person who feels “I WANT TO BE HAPPY” then you could use the THERAPY sessions to turn that statement of ‘want’ to a statement of ‘being’. It is a myth that someone in serious trouble needs Therapy. While it is true that most people in serious trouble would invariably look for resolutions, the fact is that the number of people looking for answers beyond the normal boundaries of problems and solutions has been pretty much on the rise. People come to enhance their potential or to convert their potential into a tangible reality or simply stated to being plain HAPPY! :)

Yourself with Sunshine


Connecting with nature or going to a retreat is an exhilarating experience. It refreshes and rejuvenates us. But everytime we need to recharge ourselves we cannot possibly run away from our mundane existence on a scenic tour to find happiness! Learn ways to get in touch with the limitless source of energy by opening yourself up to the cosmic abundance while you are in the midst of your routine life!


The Recharge with Sunshine series of WORKSHOPS is aimed at being able to find those awesome getaway locations within your mind. Call it meditation, astral travel or simply contemplation if you will... Learn new ways of staying positive at all times.


Read the TESTIMONIALS and CLIENT EXPERIENCES page to read our experiences in this journey of healing!


You can join us in the regular EVENTS or in our private THERAPY sessions to work together toward crystalizing your goals. We work with CRYSTALS, TAROT CARDS and also REGRESSIONS among many other modalities, both hypnotic and cognitive to achieve all that we set out to achieve. To know more CONTACT US!


Your TRUE Self.


Across cultures there is a firm belief that the 'Higher Self' (God) or Paramatma has created man in His like image (the 'Self' or Jivatma). If there is this pristine pure Divine part of you, who has all the answers and wisdom, then how do you connect with this Higher Self of yours? Through various MEDITATIONS, learn to reconnect with your true self.


Radha inspite of her positive intentions and attitude was often misunderstood or faced dilemmas and did not know what action to choose in a given situation. Through the meditations at Sunshine she found a means of connecting with her own true self and has been effectively managing her situations with ease. She has worked through her self-doubt and exudes peace and self-confidence in all she does.


YOUR Power.


Often we find ourselves engaged in negative emotions for we tend to believe in looking at life as a series of events and consequences. What life is, is just a series of decision making situations that lead us on to another decision making situation and to another endlessly. We need to take our power back from the situations and people to whom we gave it away and recreate our life.




I had a chance to interact on a few cognitive healing sessions. Unlike other interactions we have in our day to day life, these sessions have had a long lasting effect in my life. They are not only relaxing, but also expand or broaden one's outlook, thus freeing any boundaries we might have created around us in the past, even perhaps in previous births. If all of us attend such sessions and make it a practice, I believe we could make the world a better place.


~ An IT Professional



I have seen myself transforming from someone who had given up on life completely to someone who sees hope in everything that happens in her life. Earlier all i could hear from myself was, "I can't do it.It's not for me. Give up." But now it is different. I try to find solutions rather than admitting my problems. My sessions comprised of Aura cleansing, inner child healing and past life regressions. As a result of these, I have become more confident and optimistic.  The experience at Sunshine has taught me how to listen to my inner voice and believe in myself. It has taught me to find happiness within. In the two-three weeks after the sessions I have seen good things that I wished for, materializing. Now even if things seem to go wrong, somehow everything becomes alright towards the end.




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