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Thanks to Swami for guiding me to Sriram for the healing sessions. 

After the sessions, I practiced Relationship Healing Meditation on a regular basis and there was a change in the perspective of the person with whom I needed relationship healing. I am still continuing the meditation and am positive it is helping me!


~ Aruna




I have seen myself transforming from someone who had given up on life completely to someone who sees hope in everything that happens in her life. Earlier all i could hear from myself was, "I can't do it.It's not for me. Give up." But now it is different. I try to find solutions rather than admitting my problems. My sessions comprised of Aura cleansing, inner child healing and past life regressions. As a result of these, I have become more confident and optimistic.  The experience at Sunshine has taught me how to listen to my inner voice and believe in myself. It has taught me to find happiness within. In the two-three weeks after the sessions I have seen good things that I wished for, materializing. Now even if things seem to go wrong, somehow everything becomes alright towards the end.


~ Preeti




"Sunshine" as an organisation in this society run by Mr.Sriram adds value to the society by their sincere services.  I sincerely appreciate the Healing process and the interpretation given to the end users or the recepients to know the purpose and the power of the healing they take up.  Professionally and spiritually tamed and guided organisation.  My best wishes and sincere heartfelt thanks being a beneficiary through their services. Sairam 


~ Suresh




‘I had a two day session with Sunshine. Day 1 was a Cognitive Talk and Day 2 was the Inner Child Healing

Day 1- The Cognitive Talk helped me as such to understand things, situations, and surroundings in a very different perspective. It was very insightful as far as my thinking complexities were concerned and the esteem issues I had. This worked miraculously on my negative cognition's as well as my attitude towards life and people in general

Day 2- The Inner Child Healing therapy, a much required session for my survival. Also recommended by Shri Ram. 

Due to my childhood experiences, I used to be in a state of perpetual restlessness, hatred towards a particular group of people and profession, a feeling of anxiety and fear would haunt me till today, which had a negative deep impact on my mind, my life and hence affected my personality. 

However this session, not just changed me, or my perspective, but my life very drastically, I am a completely new person now, more accepting of myself and people. The session had such marvelous effects that I feel very strong, more calmed, with clear mind. In short, I feel normal and Blessed for there was also a Divine intervention that was evidently involved throughout the session.

THANK YOU isn't a word enough for what Sunshine has done to me; I shall be ever Grateful for these sessions that changed my life and my living’


~ Anonymous




"My healing experience with Sriram (Past-life therapies for a physical pain) was beyond expectation. I would be delighted to recommend his services to anyone seeking holistic complete healing."


~ Supriya


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